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The Vernal Equinox

Twilight in March in the north Atlantic, a beautiful transition lasting over two hours. The Vernal Equinox approaches and beyond lies lingering days of sunlight amplified by the sound of hundreds of thousands of kittiwake, fulmar and gannet. In this large watercolour the sun and moon are shown in diametric opposition over a strangely haunted……


St Kilda is essentially manifested in Stone, Sea and Sky, the purest extension of which I seek to convey in Granite, Seawater and Air.

Glass, Stone, Seawater, 33x23x13cm (2015)  ENQUIRE

Hirta, the principal island of the St Kilda archipelago is here distilled into a perfect trinity of a block of granite, surmounted by a……

Nephesh of Kilda

The evening sky is stained with cobalt ink and shows Venus ascendant over Stac an Armin. Wheeling pinpricks of white birds are scarcely visible over Stac Lee, one of the tallest sea stacs in the British Isles, which here is transfigured courtesy of its remarkable similarity of topography into the garden tomb at Gethsemene.

The Union of St Kilda and San Michele