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Part mere assembly, part craft, this sculpture is a response to the final paragraphs of Melville’s The Whale.


The mystery of the Incarnation is explored in a major new work created as a contemplative piece for Advent, in which a hidden light is made manifest to invite the possibility of discernment.

Chingle Hall

For those familiar with the image and title of this work, the subject needs no further introduction. This painting depicts a private hall in Lancashire celebrated for its history and individual character.

Phos Hilaron

This is a winter painting whose origins however were an autumnal walk along Withins Way, the path that leads from Hale Village to the ancient fording place on the Mersey, at the river’s southern narrows where the county of Lancashire tentatively meets Cheshire at Runcorn.

The Cave Dweller

At this time of year, the sound of autumn is for many characterised by an elusive chattering and ticking from deep within the thicket or hedge. The call of the Wren, explosive in its nature, belies its tiny size and is a hint to why for many thousands of years it has held an elevated……