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A work taking its root from the bark. This painting is a meditation on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts and the Essex whaler story.

On Garston Sands

Imagine if you will a rather forgotten stretch of the Mersey, on the north bank in winter and with the Welsh hills some way distant. It is very early morning.

In the silence of low tide you hear something that gives full justice to that wonderful, yet often overused word – uncanny. These words were an……

The Last of Summer

The conception started with the idea of a particular species of bird, for my original intention was to have a Swift as the sole subject of the painting. Time and tide in the studio led to the Swifts playing more of a supporting role, in a work which eventually became an allegory for something much……

The Cormorants of Utrøst

Words that are a contemporary take on a legend far older.

For those experienced in the alter ego of the North Sea, its benign tranquility – I hope this makes some purchase.

Dawn, North Sea

A companion sketch to one made of the sea at Dusk. The character of the open sea is fascinating to capture, the light endlessly changing.. ideal for watercolour. This study was probably taken some distance above the Doggerland.

Strange to imagine that in the Holocene, aurochs, woolly rhino and wild boar were passing unhindered around……