Tag: Landscape

There Seemed A Strangeness

EXHIBITION: Editions Gallery, 9th March – 12th April 2024

Lake Gallery Open

EXHIBITION: 1 Dec -28 Jan 2023 / The Lake Gallery

Two paintings by John are featured in the forthcoming Christmas show at The Lake Gallery on the Wirral. Paintings of the Welsh mountain Moel Famau and an iconographic version of an African hawk will be available for sale.

From the Land


From the Land is an exhibition exploring current practice in contemporary landscape painting.

Dunlin Cloud

Autumn In the UK is a season for wading birds as much as falling leaves. Long hours in the field elicit a feel for the landscape and here is a small work on paper seeking something of the wheeling flocks of dunlin on the Dee estuary.

Lux Perpetua

A new site-specific light installation designed to invoke the genius loci of a place. Lux Perpetua is designed to create a faint, yet persistent presence in a largely forgotten landscape feature; a suggestion of the spirit thereabouts and the lives within.