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Epiphany of Hale Marsh

The yellow stalks of the marsh reeds shake in the wind in late winter. This landscape is hidden, yet in plain sight. For those who have witnessed it, no introduction is needed. The gloomy skies and a biting wind will be all too familiar.

The Oglet Stones

Only the passage of time gives us the privilege to see the glimpses of light that linger yet from the War years. In all the terror of industrialised slaughter comes an occasional passive ingenuity and creativity that is a counterpoint to the darker sides of man’s nature. We stumble across these as if groping in……

The Red Hut

Each visit to this area of the Mersey Estuary opens up new vistas and shifting plays of light and space. There are many walks in this area of Speke which are secreted, seemingly outside of time and space, rich in birdlife. This view is not one of them however, it can be easily reached yet……

At Oglet Shore

This offers a counterpoint to the short winter days. Painted on a blisteringly hot summer afternoon on the banks of the Mersey, the wind and rain of a protracted winter long forgotten, sandflies buzz around the detritus on the beach and the paints harden on the palette quicker than one can mix them. This is……

The Bund at Speke

As autumn drew to a close this year, I found it would dramatically throw its colours to the wind each evening with a series of quite remarkable skies. The river then acts with a nagging pull, its hidden promixity teasing you to throw the watercolours in the car and venture out.