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Phalacrocorax carborundum

It is a wonderful thing that the glossy plumage of the Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) is a remarkable match to carborundum (SiC), and that the two share such a black sheen, metallic, almost other-worldly. That they almost share a taxonomic name is another delicious conceit.

Wood, from Charcoal

As the title suggests, this large charcoal study returns the wood to the material from whence it came. It is a like an allegory for the entire site and its setting in the bleak landscape of the marsh, compounded by its very inaccessibility. Yet one must be ‘drawn’ back there, again.

The Decoy

I have been revisiting this fascinating landscape feature throughout the year and have come to know something of its moods as well as its many guises. It is a cormorant roost, a scheduled ancient monument, a hidden place and one of Britain’s last remaining duck decoys. Ironically it is at once a lure to death……

Currus aurantiaca

The title of this piece is a conceit inspired by the Orange Hawkweed wildflower whose cheery flowers are often found emerging from road verges and scrub across the British Isles. In this hidden location on the banks of the Mersey an abandoned vehicle has emerged, incandescent in its own happy colour, in a quite beautiful……

The Megalithic Shore

The shoreline is littered with sculpture; cast concrete and complex shapes in brick, the ensemble carefully assembled by the vagaries of time and tide. Only in walking a landscape and spending patient hours in pencil, pen and ink is one party to the quiet dignity of an otherwise chaotic scene.

The whole always seems purposeful, and……