Tag: En Plein Air

The Bund at Speke

As autumn drew to a close this year, I found it would dramatically throw its colours to the wind each evening with a series of quite remarkable skies. The river then acts with a nagging pull, its hidden promixity teasing you to throw the watercolours in the car and venture out.

Weston Point

One often hears the phrase ‘industrial landscape’, I like this description. It reminds us that the landscape idiom is not solely a preserve of the rural idyll. There is a different beauty in the ribbon of industrial plant along a river, the austere lights of airport runways at night, of the shapes thrown by street……

Camp Hill

Working en plein air is a liberating way of escaping the confines of a studio and to practice looking at a landscape more critically, expedited by either the onset of rain, sunburn or the attentions of dog walkers. This little painting is an example of what is possible within the hour, and just a hoar’s……