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Setophaga pensylvanica

A warbler of the New World sings in the Adirondack forests. A warbler flits in the bushes of Fetlar… Old World meets the New in a remarkable and fragile moment, a miraculous journey of 5,000km from a wind-buoyed soul that weighs a mere 10 grams. The moment is wonderfully captured in the official description of……

Plegadis falcinellus

This is the first in a new sequence of artworks which are the culmination of much thinking of late. Patient and careful observation of birds over many years has brought its own surprising revelations, of significance beyond the mode of mere depiction for the artist. I now understand a possible route to help crystallise the……

Epiphany of Hale Marsh

The yellow stalks of the marsh reeds shake in the wind in late winter. This landscape is hidden, yet in plain sight. For those who have witnessed it, no introduction is needed. The gloomy skies and a biting wind will be all too familiar.

The Gannet

The Laridae are a competitive family, clever, superior in demeanor – often menacing. The cackling call of gulls is a distinctive and familiar part of our landscape. In our maritime cities they nest in the masonry cliff faces and compete garrulously for food.

In the northern oceans their distant relations, the Gannets, live on towering sea……