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The Oglet Stones

Only the passage of time gives us the privilege to see the glimpses of light that linger yet from the War years. In all the terror of industrialised slaughter comes an occasional passive ingenuity and creativity that is a counterpoint to the darker sides of man’s nature. We stumble across these as if groping in……

Floreat Mossleiam

A winter sky on a sacred hill facing west, overlooking the place of oaks and the distant kingdoms of Mercia and Wales.

The Vernal Equinox

Twilight in March in the north Atlantic, a beautiful transition lasting over two hours. The Vernal Equinox approaches and beyond lies lingering days of sunlight amplified by the sound of hundreds of thousands of kittiwake, fulmar and gannet. In this large watercolour the sun and moon are shown in diametric opposition over a strangely haunted……