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All Hail Thee, O Allerton Oak

The Allerton Oak is a much-loved feature of Calderstones Park in the suburbs of Liverpool, inspiring generations of local people with its enigmatic presence. Working from field images and sketches, I created a painting of the tree in the Spring of 2014.

Night, Boreray

Forty one miles west of the Outer Hebrides lies the ancient archipelago of St Kilda, the remotest corner of Europe and home to the most important breeding site for seabirds in the UK.

There are no inhabitants, the last community of St Kildans having been evacuated in the 1930s.

For those unacquainted by the islands I would……

Kildan Olivine Gabbro

The outer beauty of the St Kilda is secretly matched on a microscopic scale. For all the monumental drama of the ancient archipelago, there is a corresponding unseen dance of crystalline minerals, beautifully frozen in time by the fiery labours of the Eocene period.