Tag: Acrylic

Cleit with Gannet

Cleitean (pl.) are small stone chambers unique to St Kilda. There are around 1,200 on Hirta, more on the surrounding islands and stacs, and whilst there have been many fanciful ideas regarding their original purpose they are known to be to simple dry stone structures which the islanders used as storage for foodstuffs such as……

Currus aurantiaca

The title of this piece is a conceit inspired by the Orange Hawkweed wildflower whose cheery flowers are often found emerging from road verges and scrub across the British Isles. In this hidden location on the banks of the Mersey an abandoned vehicle has emerged, incandescent in its own happy colour, in a quite beautiful……

Epiphany of Hale Marsh

The yellow stalks of the marsh reeds shake in the wind in late winter. This landscape is hidden, yet in plain sight. For those who have witnessed it, no introduction is needed. The gloomy skies and a biting wind will be all too familiar.

Floreat Mossleiam

A winter sky on a sacred hill facing west, overlooking the place of oaks and the distant kingdoms of Mercia and Wales.

A Half Dozen Eggs

There is a connection in this painting to the city of Sheffield, and to a painting given in lieu of a simple gift of a box of eggs. Here of course the similarity of the story must end, to avoid the conceit of presuming any self worth in relation to Lucian Freud. The four eggs……