Tag: Acrylic

Epiphany of Hale Marsh

The yellow stalks of the marsh reeds shake in the wind in late winter. This landscape is hidden, yet in plain sight. For those who have witnessed it, no introduction is needed. The gloomy skies and a biting wind will be all too familiar.

Floreat Mossleiam

A winter sky on a sacred hill facing west, overlooking the place of oaks and the distant kingdoms of Mercia and Wales.

A Half Dozen Eggs

There is a connection in this painting to the city of Sheffield, and to a painting given in lieu of a simple gift of a box of eggs. Here of course the similarity of the story must end, to avoid the conceit of presuming any self worth in relation to Lucian Freud. The four eggs……

The Mystery at the Trinity

A long autumn sun warms the gravestones at Holy Trinity. In the mid-distance a swathe of grass known locally as The Mystery, flanked by a row of trees bent eastwards by years of westerly winds. Language and landscape merge poetically at this spot. This is an old corner of England, subsumed in the 19th century……

At Oglet Shore

This offers a counterpoint to the short winter days. Painted on a blisteringly hot summer afternoon on the banks of the Mersey, the wind and rain of a protracted winter long forgotten, sandflies buzz around the detritus on the beach and the paints harden on the palette quicker than one can mix them. This is……