Over the winter of 2018/19 I would assiduously feed the thrushes in my garden. Ouzel is a new sculpture inspired by what I saw, and what the birds left behind.

At least five blackbirds, including two pairs, would feast on windfall apples left on the lawn. The precision and sheer attack of their bills in carving out the flesh of the apple was remarkable to watch.

Like the Italian masters seeking to release something of the spirit hidden in the marble, the birds’ hunger released the energy trapped in the fruit – but also left behind wonderful forms, beautifully and most-purposely sculptured.

In this new sculptural work, I sought to capture the artistry of the bird, indefinitely.

Ouzel a bronze sculpture depicting a holllowed apple, with mixed media
Ouzel (2019)

In Ouzel a discarded winter apple is elevated in bronze, forever preserving the beauty of the birds’ chiselling marks yet also questioning our respective roles as sculptor.

The flight feather of a blackbird (Old English: Ouzel) reminds us of the true author.

Bronze, with mixed media (2019)