To spend a night on the mountain. To be a poet or a madman. Such is the reputation of the great Cadair Idris in mid-Wales. And in this small sculpture assembled from found wood I wanted to fix something from the experience of looking into the great Cwm Cau for the first time from the Mynffordd Path.

Cwm Cau sculpture
Cwm Cau

Cadair Idris is not a mountain to be associated with in the evening without experience and serious equipment, and so the opportunity to see the sun set over the great Cwm is something that few people have the opportunity to witness.

The view west towards Craig Cau I have also captured in painting and is a revelation –  a great gouge out of the mountain as if a cupped hand had scraped up the earth, but of course one that you are most likely to see in the day as a wild camp on the summit or evening descent can be so dangerous. I had to imagine the last grip of the sun on the ridge of the cwm and the icy shadow pass over Llyn Cau…

The wood comes from the studio and from a tree felled in my sister’s garden. Look carefully to see the imprint of the sun’s rays on the mountain and captured in the wood itself.


Exhibited at Chapel Gallery for The Lancashire Open Exhibition 2017