To stumble across the basalt massif of the island of Boreray in a tiny craft is to peer beyond the veil in wonder. From authority, I hear this is a life-changing experience.

In other works I have sought to explore the hidden beauty of this mountain materialised in the Atlantic. Sculpture then seemed an important means to try and come to terms with Boreray which like an unruly child I had steadfastly faced over many months.

Bronze sculpture of the island Boreray


Bronze, 10x10x4cm (2015)  ENQUIRE

Bronze is the medium perhaps most suited to sculpting an island born of fire around 60 million years ago, St Kilda being the broken rim of an ancient volcano now partially submerged by the risen sea – a most bewildering fact and hard to articulate forcefully.

Working at 1: 24 000 scale it was remarkable how one became aware that the full shape of the island had been subtly inculcated into the psyche, from many months studying and painting the islands.

The bronze weighs heavy in the palm of the hand, the islands sit steadfastly on the seabed.