Achilles is a conceptual sculpture in the form of a marble wall-relief and dedicated to the eponymous Greek hero of the Iliad.

This sculpture originated from a single arrowhead, developed organically as it were to recreate the entire artwork from this solitary fraction. It was a companion piece for a related series of plinth-mounted found objects and was intended as a symbolic representation of the exhibition space for which it was designed.

Achilles (2022), marble wall relief and mixed media

The arrowhead is genuine Greek 4th c BC and is cast in bronze. The artwork re-creates what might have existed in form – but with a materiality that is suggestive of magic and permanence – with its brass shaft and a crow-feather fletching. The dedicatee is highlighted using 24ct oil gilding in an ancient Greek script.

Achilles (2022)
60x30x5cm, marble with mixed media