The following poem accompanies a painting of the same name in the KIlda series. Of note, Stac Lee forms one of a trinity of rock forms north of the main island of Hirta.


I am the Son,
Robed in white mantle of humbling birth.
Praised by the wheeling seraphim
Raw-voiced in fulsome joy.
My guardians plunge for souls,
Released from the cobalt firmament
To cry triumphant from the icy depths.

I am the life-giver,
Basalt bishop of the seas.
Resurrected from the bedrock,
Begotten from fathomless waters.
Reborn, glorious and eternal,
Invisible in the ocean.
Hidden, save for those who seek.

Ancient Father,
Conjoined yet distinct
Has baptised me in Celtic waters.
Enigmatic Brother,
Casts clouds as wraiths,
his blank visage
And peerless eye
Askance the limitless sea.

© 2015  J A Elcock

Reproduced by permission from Come, Thule, published 2015 by The Artel Press