A small work in canvas in response to the XV Station of the Cross at the Royal Memorial Chapel.

The Chapel of Christ the King RMAS features an unusual fifteenth Station of the Cross. The piece is made even more remarkable by its foregrounding of the interior of the empty tomb, the figure in the distant sunlight, an overall sense of light out of darkness.. in marked contrast to other more famous depictions.

The composition remained with me, in limbo. It returned recently, to be literally resurrected, as a small tonal study in egg tempera. The doorway to the Tomb is simply the ground of an underlying gesso panel.

The Tomb (2022)

An interesting reflection is the relative parcity in art of the Tomb compared to the Cross, an example perhaps of Pliny’s observation regarding thunder and lightning.

The Tomb (2022)
Egg tempera and gesso panel on linen.