Each visit to this area of the Mersey Estuary opens up new vistas and shifting plays of light and space. There are many walks in this area of Speke which are secreted, seemingly outside of time and space, rich in birdlife. This view is not one of them however, it can be easily reached yet affords fresh inspiration on every visit, given the vagaries of the season and the day.

Painting of the shoreline at Speke showing red hut and Mersey Estuary

The Red Hut

Edgeland brambles. Gorse. Willow, Scrub and Reeds. Piping Curlew and the roar of jet engines. The whole framed by a distant cold incandescence of the oil refinery in a Quixotic backdrop to a wilder stage. This watercolour was finished back at the studio yet the threatening rain would also have been an excellent companion for the paper.

Watercolour on paper, 59x42cm