The great bowl of Cadair Idris in mid-Wales is the subject of this painting. I climbed as far as Llyn Cau in the winter of 2017 accompanied by the odd raven and, nothing else. Your reward in the biting cold and the ice that starts to form on your boots at elevation is a spectacle that stays with you until the summer.

Cadair Idris a Quartz, Erratic painting © John Elcock
Cadair Idris

Many artists have attempted to capture something of this mountain, most notably Richard Wilson’s famous 1760 painting in the Tate Gallery of Llyn Cau as observed from Mynyyd Moel. In fact the principal subject in my work is the boulder, for as you stumble towards Llyn Cau one cannot help notice the blocks of stone lazily deposited by ice in the valley, etched and marked as if by a giant hand.

In one location the white quartz boulder shone in the furze, a true erratic, as lost perhaps as a painter on the lonely slopes of the mountain.

Acrylic on canvas