A work taking its root from the bark. This painting is a meditation on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts and the Essex whaler story.

Painting titled Nantucket. Oil paint on birch and canvas.
Nantucket (2021)

The painting started from found material, found lingering in the studio. The bark of a birch tree collected locally, became in time the wide dunes of Nantucket island. A weak and wintry sun looms over Great Point lighthouse.

Verso: the whaler Essex is dimly visible through the linen canvas as if in a rolling icy fog descending from the Grand Banks. Whether our encounter is in 1820 or the present day – the painting does not make clear.

Nantucket (2021)
Oil on linen and birch bark

Verso: Nantucket (2021)

Postscript: this work is designed for shelf display. Patrons are invited to flip the work to see the ship Essex painted beneath and which by a curiosity of parallax, will also lend itself to a ghostly appreciation of movement recto.