A painting of Mount Sinai from found studio materials, showing the mountain peaks of St Katherine’s monastery on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

This is a painting attempting to express the inexpressible. Horeb, the epicentre of the Sinai Peninsula and of the events described in the Pentateuch. Mother Mountain of the Midian region and home of the St Katherine’s Monastery.

painting of mount sinai
Red Sinai (2022)

The sky of this painting is literally sky-painted, being an old canvas exposed to the elements for three years – then repaired, sized and re-stretched. An over-hanging sun miraculously imprinted itself.. the imbued forms strangely mirroring my intended peaks of the Mount Sinai massif in the foreground.

The red granite, gneiss and porphyry of Sinai is shown glowing in the desert sun in a vivid belt of Napthol Red, echoing the experiences so dramatically described in Exodus 19:18.

Red Sinai (2022)
Acrylic on canvas