The title of this piece is a conceit inspired by the Orange Hawkweed wildflower whose cheery flowers are often found emerging from road verges and scrub across the British Isles. In this hidden location on the banks of the Mersey an abandoned vehicle has emerged, incandescent in its own happy colour, in a quite beautiful glowing palette of orange, violet and browns.

Currus Aurantiaca

However unfortunate in social and environmental terms one might view its final journey, the fact remains that the subsequent form is pure sculpture. Incongruous yet perfectly positioned at the neck of the thicket, a kind of Tantric deposition at the brink of an ancient brook.

Most potently, I was reminded of Genesis 3:19 and the evidence that nature had already begun the process of quiet assimilation. Nothing would be wasted. The vehicle was leaching its colours into the Earth, the trees and grasses already had the metallic taste in their roots.

With this in mind I created a paint from the wreckage and all the brown pigments in this work are likewise assimilated into the picture. The landscape, the painting, the car, the wildflowers – all are one.

40x30cm, Acrylic and iron oxide on Canvas.