A contemporary devotional piece in the tradition of the Ohrid Annunciation.

Annunciation icon
Annunciation (2020) egg tempera and gold on a poplar wood board, 60x60cm

This piece was completed for the Feast of the Annunciation in 2020. Its form specifically references the Ohrid icon but is essentially canonical with all Annunciation forms within the iconographic tradition.

The painting is separated into two areas, the boundary of which required a careful consideration of both symbolism and aesthetics. The white area is essentially the heavenly incursion of the Spirit into the temporal world, marked in yellow ochre.

A rhombus in terre verte represents the earthly throne of the Virgin, and in red ochre to its right is the dropped woollen skein for the veil of the Temple, a motif associated with the moment of the Incarnation.

A square window upper right references the wonderful wall-painting by Fra Angelico. I have however left it unpainted to reveal the naked Gesso underneath (uncreated Man).

The line is the staff of the journeying Angel. It is directed towards the heart of the Virgin – and as the last gesture of the painting, involved much preparation, and prayerful agonies, before the single, decisive paint-stroke.

Egg tempera and gold leaf on a poplar board, 60x60cm