Trinity is a large kinetic sculpture made of steel and feathers illustrating the existential potential of Pu-239 and its eschatological relation to the Trinity atomic weapon test.


Cherenkov is an installation created for the exhibition Here to Become at the Bridewell Studios, Liverpool for the 2023 Independents Biennial exploring the prophetic quality of Plutonium-239.


EXHIBITION: 9 – 11 Jun 2023 / Make. North Docks

For the Independents Biennial 2023, artist-led project SHUFFLE will be opening its fourth exhibition showcasing work by contemporary art from Liverpool and beyond.

Here to Become

EXHIBITION: 7-14 July 2023 Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool

Pylon: Walkabout

The peripatetic sculpture of an OS trig point constructed during lockdown has reappeared in Liverpool city centre.