Several works by John have been featured in a remarkable new novel from the Norwich-based writer and composer Michael John Gerard Higgins, due for publication next month.

Seeing is Beveiling is a mammoth 610 page metaphysical novel of ‘artefictual extelligence’ that essentially defies description. The book features hundreds of beautiful photographs, drawings and related works of contemporary scored music by the author which help guide the reader through a labyrinth-like journey into the imagination. If you are old enough to remember with affection the childhood Fighting Fantasy series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone in the 1980s’ this will give a Proustian scent to the novel’s essential character.

The author has also selected 19 of John’s artworks as illustrations and these are woven into the novel quite wonderfully to literally become part of the fabric of the story. An opportunity also awaits for eagle-eyed readers who persevere in the book – but that would spoil the ending..

Lapis Balticum

Seeing Is Beveiling is published by The Artel Press and is out on 02.02.24