A floor installation depicting found objects and historic site offerings on the Isle of Bute.

Objects encountered in walks along the southern tip of the Isle of Bute, over several seasons, have been re-presented here ex voto as a contemporary simulacrum of a specific site in St Ninian’s Bay.

The original site is very remote, containing a rough collection of local objects scattered in an ancient chapel, presumably for similar reasons as generations have done beforehand. Ex Voto presents a different ritual and reading, transposing my own found objects into the gallery context.

Ex voto
Ex Voto

Painting the objects brought to the ensemble a certain anonymity, a minor expression of technique, and a glyph-like character which is different to the casual site I encountered. It suggests however that a certain alternative reading is also possible.

Ex Voto

The ritual moreover of re-creating the piece will differ in each installation context, and the question of what it then does to the spot both now and into the future is intriguing.


40 found objects
Acrylic paint

Dimensions variable, approx 1m2