Hale, Mersey exhibition title, 2017

Cass Art Space, Liverpool, UK
9th – 22nd January 2017

Why do certain places appear to have a tangible, yet indefinable sense of significance?

Contemporary artist John Elcock examined this phenomenon with an exhibition of new paintings at Cass Art Space Liverpool, which responded to Hale village through its landscape and remarkable birdlife.

Hale, Mersey, Full of Grace featured a series of works that had developed from a year exploring the coastline of this isolated yet beautiful landscape situated less than ten miles from the centre of Liverpool.

Paintings and drawings revealed enigmatic landscape features such as Hale’s historic duck decoy and abandoned wartime structures on the shoreline. He also incorporated into his work species he had observed whilst walking the Mersey estuary and which characterise the area as an important SSSI.

The exhibition included a unique set of bird ikons. John commented:
‘There is something special in the nature of birds which bridges the Divine and the Temporal. The iconographic paintings are my attempt to realise this and return something of their generosity throughout my many visits to Hale’.

Cass Art Space, Liverpool

Cass Art Space, Liverpool (Jan 2017): Hale, Mersey, Full of Grace

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