From 21-30 January 2022 the exhibition A Temple in the Present Perfect Progressive Tense was held in Liverpool in a joint show with the sculptor Adrian Jeans. Thirteen works presented by the artists sought to re-imagine the possibilities of a space. Images follow.

The exhibition was held in a former furniture manufacturer’s warehouse on Liverpool’s dock road, more recently used as an artist’s studio. The form of the building with its rear loading bay and front office suggested an older archetype, and our conception was to imagine the warehouse as a Greek temple of the classical period and its immediate neighbourhood the temple precinct. Follow this link for the press release explaining the concept in more detail.

Adrian’s beautiful and highly technical work is essentially figurative and was located in the cella (loading bay). Images of his sculptures are available on his website.

John’s work, largely of found pieces, was more conceptual and these were displayed in the darkness of the adyton (office).

Thank you to the many visitors who came to the opening night and to those who navigated the long walk north of the city centre in order to find our hidden temple in the docks. We hope that you found conversation, inspiration and sanctuary.

The Temple entrance, Fulton Street
The Cella. Work by Adrian Jeans
The Adyton. Work by John Elcock
Adrian Jeans (left) with visitor