Category: Sculpture


This small installation took many weeks of preparation. A glass vessel holds water from the Mersey collected during the Spring storms of 2015. The anger within is then cosseted in genuine Soay sheep yarn beautifully crocheted by Jean Emerson, and the whole bonded with a ruble and sealed by 1792 Liverpool conder token.

Stormwater is……


St Kilda is essentially manifested in Stone, Sea and Sky, the purest extension of which I seek to convey in Granite, Seawater and Air.

Glass, Stone, Seawater, 33x23x13cm (2015)  ENQUIRE

Hirta, the principal island of the St Kilda archipelago is here distilled into a perfect trinity of a block of granite, surmounted by a……


To stumble across the basalt massif of the island of Boreray in a tiny craft is to peer beyond the veil in wonder. From authority, I hear this is a life-changing experience.

In other works I have sought to explore the hidden beauty of this mountain materialised in the Atlantic. Sculpture then……

A Liverpool Mailboat

In September 2015 a Liverpool Mailboat that I created for the exhibition Edge of the Known World at Corke Gallery (1-24 July 2015) was launched on the River Mersey.

If you are reading this page, you may well be the lucky finder of the mailboat. If so, congratulations!

Please follow the instructions you found inside the vessel.