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A Greek Temple: Gallery

From 21-30 January 2022 the exhibition A Temple in the Present Perfect Progressive Tense was held in Liverpool in a joint show with the sculptor Adrian Jeans. Thirteen works presented by the artists sought to re-imagine the possibilities of a space. Images follow.

A Temple in the Present Perfect Progressive Tense

EXHIBITION: 21-30 January 2022, 69 Regent Road, Liverpool

Artists John Elcock and Adrian Jeans take a shared interest in Greek antiquity as the starting point for a new exhibition exploring the continued reverberations of classical thinking across the ages.

Preview: Thursday 20 January 2022 5-9pm

Hulabhaig Open 2021

EXHIBITION: 7th December 2021 to 28th February 2022 (Online)

A small sculptural work by John relating to the Outer Hebrides has been selected for the Uig Open 2021/22.

Is This It?

EXHIBITION: Friday 12th November – Sunday 5th December 2021, The Royal Standard

Artists present work at the boundaries of space and time, in a new multi-disciplinary exhibition negotiating the limits of physics, metaphysics and questions of scale.

BAI 2021

EXHIBITION: 31st October 2021 – 31st January 2022 Icons Emerging from Lockdown

An icon written by John has been selected for the British Association of Iconographers annual members’ exhibition.