All my poetry titles are published by The Artel Press and available to buy online direct from the publisher. Alternatively head to or order from your local bookseller.

Vallum book jacket thumbnail

The Artel Press (2018), 76pp
ISBN: 9780992603526

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Come, Thule jacket cover - The Artel Press 2015

The Artel Press (2015), 66pp
ISBN: 9780992603519

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The Northern Biochemist book jacket (thumb)

The Artel Press (2013), 60pp
ISBN: 9780992603502

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A Temple in the Present Perfect Progressive Tense (2021)
20pp catalogue, full colour, 210x210mm
Single edition
£5 inclusive of postage

a long the riverrun catalogue cover

Independents Biennial (2018)
32pp catalogue, full colour, 148x210mm
£5 inclusive of postage


Cass Art Space, Liverpool (2017)
16pp catalogue, full colour, 210mmx148mm, signed limited edition of 75 copies
£5 inclusive of postage

Edge of the Known World - Catalogue cover

Corke Gallery, UK (2015)
16pp catalogue, mono, 210mmx210mm, signed limited edition of 100 copies
£5 inclusive of postage