This was a new sculpture specially created for Threshold Festival 2017 taking the form of a full-scale reproduction of the cross-section of the Agpalilik meteorite in the Danish Geological Museum, Copenhagen. The story of how the meteorite was identified, recovered and transported to Denmark in the 1960s is remarkable enough. This, and the object itself…

Threshold Festival 2017

A warehouse in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle district provided a remarkable location in Spring 2017 for a new public artwork by artist John Elcock. Taking the form of a reproduction of one of the largest meteorites ever recovered, Agpalilik temporarily appeared for Threshold Festival between 31st March-2nd April 2017 in Bridgewater Street, Liverpool….

Night. Raven

The Raven has become for me a kind of totemic bird for the area of mid-Wales I came to know better during the winter of 2017. A series of ink and watercolour paintings were produced over this time to respond to their presence in the valleys, at a time when species diversity is relatively low…

Travelling Light

An exhibition at the Reader Gallery, Calderstones Park, Liverpool, UK from 27th February – 5th March 2017 Open 10am – 5pm, admission free….

The Hollow Mountain

In this remote and wild area of mid-Wales, nothing in the landscape is quite as it seems. Where dense conifer plantations hug the valleys, once was temperate rainforest. Rocky outcrops and cliffs, the product of slate mining rather than glaciers. Quiet villages, full of the ghosts of the many thousands who once worked the land…